• Pumpkins at the Park is back!

    Join us each Saturday in October from 6pm - 10:30pm

  • Regular Pass

    20.00 (Ages 3+)

  • Something for Everyone!

    Learn more about the activities, shows and attractions for each age by clicking below.


    Under 12

    Most of the events at Pumpkins at the Park are geared toward younger children. The entire Pumpkin Trail is full of activities they will love and older kids (and adult) will enjoy.


    Activities for Everyone


    12 & Up

    We have two scarier activities for the older kids (and the brave) include the Cage Maze of Doom and the Zombie Task Force Tactical Laser Tag Experience.


    Activities for Older Kids


    21 & Older

    Why should kids get all the treats?  In addition to all the activities for the kids, adults can enjoy Warlock Brews and Witch's Potions at two bars in the Park.

  • Activities

     Fun & Safe for Any Age, and most are included in price of admission.

    Pumpkin Trail

    Trick-or-Treat Stations

    We have 15 trick-or-treat stations for the kids.  Most of them offer
    candy, but we do have a few that have other small presents. The best part is the kids feel like they get a lot, but the parents aren't eating it for the next month.

    Ghoulish Games

    Each child receives a punch card for three different games.  At the
    games they will tickets that can be redeemed for fun Halloween prizes!

    Creepy Crawlers

    Interact with Animals

    Even though most of the Park’s animals are asleep for all of the Halloween fun, some of our “creepy crawlers” still come out to play. Kids of all ages can interact with snakes, lizards, and birds – oh my! – and have their picture taken with one of our cool critters.

    Forbidden Forrest

    Join us for "spooky" tales about the characters of Pumpkins at the Park.

    Henry's Haunted Inflatable

    Kids love Henry’s Haunted Inflatable. As they work their way through this inflatable obstacle course, they have to duck, dodge, climb and squeeze through the obstacles inside. This is another activity great for children of all ages.

    Pumpkin Patch

    An event like Pumpkins at the Park would be incomplete without lots of…pumpkins! Kids of all ages can visit our Pumpkin Patch to find the perfect pumpkin (pumpkins are an additional charge).

    Creepy Crafts

    Located in the Chamber of Mystery

    Our creepy crafts are always a hit with children of all ages. This a safe and fun way for children to take home more than just candy and have a “spooktakular” keepsake from their fun-filled evening.

    "Haunted" Hay Ride

    Take a ride through the field while and hear a tale from the park. The hayride is free.

  • Show & Attractions

    Be Prepared to Be Amazed!

    Dr. Frank N. Stein's Lab

    Stage Show (Runs every 20 minutes)

    Our resident “Mad” scientist is constantly creating crazy and clever concoctions of chaos. This popular
    stage show entertains aspiring Einsteins with a mad scientist’s mysterious experiments and proven potions for fun.


    Waterfall Light Show with Music

    Runs every 20 minutes

    The state-of-the-art light show was created in 2013 and is the only show of its kind in the area. Last year, guests were entertained with more than six songs including Monster Mash, Thriller, and more!

  • 7 Minute Escape Rooms

    No! No, No, Not 6! I said 7. Nobody's comin' up with a 6. Who escapes in 6 minutes?

    You won't even get your heart goin', not even a mouse in a maze. 7's the key number here.

    These fast-paced escape rooms are unlike anything you have experienced. Sure, maybe you made it out of regular escape rooms; maybe even multiple escape rooms. But nearly anything is possible when you have 60 minutes. Now, try to do it in just 7 minutes.


    Anyone that escapes in time will win a free treat from Dairy Queen!


    We have to different themed rooms.

    Jimbo's cabin - Jimbo was the humble farmer that started it all. Help him solve a riddle and escape before something happens to the Pumpkin Patch. This is the easiest room to solve. (easier)

    Cage Maze of Doom

    Only the Brave Should Enter!

    This steel cage maze isn’t for the faint of heart. It features some of  the Park’s scariest creatures from which there is no escape. The cage maze adds some spice to the otherwise family-friendly event and is perfect for teens and adults. It was new in 2011 and has become one of the most popular attractions for our Halloween event.

    Zombie Task Force Academy

    There is a new threat to the animals at Tanganyika Wildlife Park and this crop of zombies is immune to the specially formulated dye. Therefore, the Zombie Task Force (ZTF) upgraded its equipment to state-of-the-art tactical laser [tag] rifles.

    The ZTF Laser Tag experience features the only tactical laser tag equipment in Kansas. This new laser tag equipment is unlike anything you have seen before.


    Each ticket will allow 1 person to participate in the ZTF Training Academy where they will test their skills in a 10 minute battle with other recruits. There will be multiple scenarios (game types) that will be randomly chosen throughout the night including:

    • Infection - One person starts as a "zombie" and has to infect the rest of the recruits
    • Survival - Each person has a limited number of lives and the last person standing wins
    • Team Survival - Work with other recruits to topple the other team

    There is Limited Availability so ENLIST TODAY as an add-on to your Pumpkins at the Park experience!!

  • Characters

    Some of our Iconic Characters!


    The Pumpkin King

    Once a simple pumpkin farmer, Jimbo became one with his favorite crop thanks to the mischievous machinations of Kaos. Now, Jimbo loves to bring Halloween joy to guests of all ages!


    Prince of Pranks

    This shockingly silly skeleton (re-animated through the power of the Great Pumpkin, naturally) loves to play pranks. You'll find him roaming throughout the event with thrilling tricks and painful puns.

    Dr. Frank N. Stein

    "Mad" Scientist

    Our resident scientist, Dr. Frank N. Stein, is a bit...well, mad. But don't let him hear you say that! Along with the help of his intrepid assistant, Dr. Stein will attempt - for a 6th year - to finally make his monster!


    The Reaper

    He may be "large and in charge", but Grimm (or Grimmykins, as his friends call him) is really a big softy at heart. Standing at 12 feet tall, Grimm loves posing for photos - and picking flowers!


    Our Friendly T-Rex

    Good ol' Rex was transferred to Tanganyika from Jurassic World back in 2010. He loves roaming around the Park - with his experienced handler, of course - and interacting with guests.


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    Our Resident Gorilla

    George loves going for walks with his handler - even if he does get a bit heavy! This gorilla is always on the move and he loves meeting new people!

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